We’re simplifying AI to empower every manager in the retail industry

We’re all listening about the power of artificial intelligence these days. We’re all overwhelmed by the noise as we try to separate hype from true value. And we’re all busy, very busy…we know that.

Retailigents is an AI-based solutions startup built by Nest , the first RetailTech factory in Europe. We speak and understand retail and we’re aware that growth and efficiency are short term imperatives in the industry right now.

75% of the retailers applying AI solutions are increasing >10% their sales according to a Capgemini report . The latest Gartner survey says that nearly 50% of your competitors are already planning their AI deploys and McKinsey reports that AI will deliver more than €600Bn of sales and efficiencies in the retail industry.

Isn’t this enough to have a look at it now?

Retailigents is a platform-based AI solution to enable managers empower their decision making and we’re thrilled to introduce you its smart assistants for the marketing, HR, supply chain, e-commerce, finance, retail, IT and general management departments.

Disclaimer: We could add a lot more content to our website but we know you’re too busy to spend time reading. A 10-minutes call with our experts will give you all the answers to your questions. Send us your queries here or call us at +34 935 543 029.